Sparking Genius

Since the founding of the first Dwight School in 1872, our mission to ignite the spark of genius in every child has not wavered - nor has our pioneering attitude. But as the world changes with each passing day, so does the field of education. As we look ahead to the coming years and the many ways that learning innovations can continue to be integrated into systems of education, there is so much to look forward to. On Sparking Genius, host Dianne Drew sits down with education leaders and innovative thinkers to explore what the future of education holds. We dive into the most cutting-edge topics, and hear firsthand how new strategies and fresh perspectives can inspire and enlighten students like never before. So join us as the Dwight Schools Global Network takes the next step forward in our long history of leading the way in education — all while discovering incredible advancements that will benefit the next generations of students. This is Sparking Genius.